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About Us

The Windy City Pizza Company was born in December 2005 after Dan took a trip to the Windy City to visit Nick and Sam, a couple of college buddies. While touring the town, Dan was introduced to a pizza experience that would change his life forever! Known for it’s one of a kind pizza, hot dogs and Italian Beef Sandwiches, Chicago has a food culture like nowhere else. Dan wanted to share this with as many people as possible.
What makes Windy City pizza such a unique experience is the combination of a made fresh – flakey thin crust, mounds of mozzarella, fresh meats and a hand crushed and seasoned tomato sauce. Assembled in this order and baked for 45 minutes creates a pizza that tastes like nothing you have ever tasted… unless you’ve taken a trip down the Magnificent Mile.
Ingredients are hand selected for their combination of taste, freshness and authenticity. No detail has been overlooked in delivering you the traditional Windy City experience that could very well become an addiction.
Please don’t just stop at the pizza. The Italian Beef Sandwich originated at Al’s BBQ Shack at the corner of Harrison and Laflin Streets in the late 1930’s is a must try! Slow cooked Alberta beef, sliced thin and piled high on a crusty Calgary Italian Bakery roll with spicy Giardiniera garnish. Get it dry, wet or dipped and you’ll see why this has been a staple at Italian weddings in Chicago for over 80 years. And all can we say about the meatballs is sorry, Nonna! Equal parts of Alberta beef, veal and pork are combined with traditional seasonings and simmered in home-made “Family” sauce that would be at home on anyone’s Sunday dinner table.
Look for other traditional favorites like Mama’s Lasagna to make a guest appearance from time to time.
Thank you for choosing to share in the Windy City Pizza experience. We hope that your family will love it as much as ours does, and you consider us a second home!